Greystripe bringing Flash (ads) to iPhone and iPad

Well the good news is: Flash is going to be on the iPhone and iPad. The bad news is that it’s going to be only for ads.

Greystripe, a rich media mobile advertising network, has announced that a system called “iFlash ad units” will launch in May. The tech allows advertisers to deliver their ads to the Apple devices which, of course, don’t support Flash. According to a company news release, Greystripe takes ads created using Flash and transcodes them to run on the iPhone and iPad, presumably in other companies’ applications. The company has been delivering ads to the iPhone using this method already. And now an updated version will hit the iPhone and the iPad, including full screen ads.

Many advertisers believe Flash-delivered ads have higher awareness and are more effective. But ads are ads — the code behind them is just code, and of course it depends on the advertiser and the form whether they’re effective or not.

Yesterday, we reported on technology from Brightcove, which automatically detects the platform video is aimed at, and uses HTML5 rather than Flash when needed. The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all support HTML5 playback when it is encoded to the H.264 standard.

Bet you can’t wait to see all those ads, eh?

via Greystripe bringing Flash (ads) to iPhone and iPad.