BBH's iPad app, for Cadillac

BBH Labs have launched an iPad app created in collaboration with Cool Hunting for client Cadillac.


The challenge we set ourselves was to find a way to use this new technology in demonstrating how Cadillac could curate and deliver content in new, more relevant, and more innovative ways. The muse for our curation is the very sexy new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe vehicles that Cadillac is slated to release in mid-summer.

The creative ambition was to bring to life on the iPad the forward thinking and design embedded in these cars.

Working with Josh and the team at Cool Hunting was really important in this project. We took their vast library of the latest in design, technology and culture and aligned – and spliced – it with a number of stories and facets about the vehicles.

It was a really interesting challenge from a design perspective.  We focused on the iconic motifs of this great American luxury brand – the shield and what we like to call the DNA grid inside it. These design elements use the iPad’s innate large canvas metaphor and the organic feel of pinch-zoom to wrap the core Cool Hunting content. Instead of being interruptive with the brand we hope we have been able to be present and add value to the experience in a way that elevates the brand, without interfering. On the device, we just think it looks sexy.

Designing the site in just a few days and working with the great guys at Front-ended to get it developed and App store approval-ready in short order was only possible through embracing a genuinely iterative and collaborative approach across all partners and client. Iterating between app designers, brand teams and developers daily made sure the final App met the needs of the brand, the technological benchmarks and the editorial approach of Cool Hunting.

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