Age of Conversation 3 – Now on Sale!

Age of Conversation 3 book – crowdsourced social media science by 171 authors (incl myself) – is NOW ON SALE or Available in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle Editions (and proceeds go to charity).

This is my second go at the Age of Conversation books. What is it about? Following the success of the first two editions, Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! again kick-starts the discussion about how the global marketing landscape is changing. With over 170 of the world’s leading marketers, writers, thinkers and creative innovators contributing chapters, this collaborative work investigates the roles that community, conversation, experimentation, engagement, and collaboration play in shaping the 21st century’s economy of ideas.

Age of Conversation 3 captures the distinct shift from social media as a hypothetical consumer loyalty tool, as it was considered only a little more than a year ago, to its current state as a staple in the modern marketing toolbox.  Although the book covers more than just social media, the topic is ubiquitous among the book’s 10 sections: At the Coalface; Identities, Friends and Trusted Strangers; Conversational Branding; Measurement; Corporate Conversations; In the Boardroom; Innovation and Execution; Influence; Getting to Work; and Pitching Social Media. Look for me in the Pitching Social Media chapter!

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