Shopping 2.0: App-based ads become bigger part of in-store decisions

MediaPost reports: A new study from Knowledge Networks shows that today’s tech-savvy consumers are far more likely to make shopping decisions based on information in app-based advertising than other platforms, including social media. The study goes on to say that 40% of respondents use applications on their smartphone while shopping, and almost a third said they are more likely to buy a product from a company that uses apps.

“The portability of apps means that they can travel with people as they shop, and the proportion of smartphone users – particularly iPhone users – already using them while shopping is eye-opening,” stated David Tice, vice president and group account director at Knowledge Networks. “We also found that, even before [the] iAd has launched, advertising in an app is an effective way to take advantage of this symbiosis. Taking the opportunity further by creating a custom app is another, potentially more powerful approach.”

The study also found that iPhone users are about three times more likely to have paid apps, and average about 29 apps on their phones vs. 19 for Android users and only four for Blackberry users.

Inclination To Purchase From Advertisers In Emerging Media
Smartphones HDTV Social Media
I am more inclined to purchase from companies advertising on… 32% 19% 16%

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