Coupon 2.0: Digital Coupons Bridge TV, Mobile, Retail Store



Mediapost notes: IntoNow plans to launch the next version of the daily deal. It allows people to tag TV ads and receive coupons for free products on mobile devices redeemable through local stores. Pepsi MAX becomes the first brand to participate. Consumers will have the ability to press a button in the application while watching the commercial and receive a digital coupon for a free 20-oz. beverage.

The technology, SoundPrint, automatically identifies live television content and any previously aired content from the past five years. The first iteration of the application that rolled out in January allows users to tag the identified content to discover what friends watch on TV, initiating a conversation around a shared interest.

This version tags the television ad and generates a barcode on the mobile device. By identifying the “unique identifier” of the device, the application will only generate one coupon per number. Today, the app runs on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, but the company plans to launch an application for devices running Android within two months.

Apple’s iOS platform, the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, supports users of about 37.9 million devices — outpacing the Android platform by 59%, according to data released Tuesday from comScore.

Beginning April 20, the first 50,000 IntoNow users who tag the Pepsi MAX Major League Baseball commercial will receive a coupon valid through Dec. 31, redeemable at Target and CVS. The promotion will add a convenience store within the next few weeks.

The technologies required to accomplish this task have perfected the ability for point-of-sale systems to read barcodes on mobile devices. IntoNow also had to develop the technology to tag a TV commercial that identifies the consumer action of actually watching the commercial.

The application can support radio commercials as well, by generating an audio fingerprint as if the technology heard and recorded the ambient sound in the room. For now, the app supports about 130 broadcast TV channels throughout the U.S., including content uploaded to video sites. Users have tagged about 2 million television shows since the application launched.

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