TV 2.0: Syzygy Labs' GOAB Concept

GOAB is a proof of concept thas elements oddly reminiscent of our own TV 2.0 thinking. Note/Love their “Mood Ring” interface for show selection…I admit, where they likely get it right from our own conceptual mock-ups is: it may not all be at the screen afterall, but rather, dispersed across devices like iPad/tablets.

GOAB. A TV Experience Concept from Syzygy on Vimeo.

Syzygy Lab’s concept promises a television-remote app that acts as a TV Guide, social network, and shopping mall all in one.

It’s not just ADD-addled teenagers stabbing at their smartphones while “watching” TV anymore — it’s all of us. (What does refreshing my Twitter feed do to improve my experience of watching 30 Rock? Don’t ask.) Meanwhile, “web TV” experiments like Google TV have gone over like a lead balloon with consumers. Syzygy Lab connects these dots into a concept product that actually makes sense, even if it’s horribly named: Their GOAB tablet app will turn your iPad into the interactive smart TV remote of your dreams.

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