4A's First CreateTech Conference


We are presenting a one day event in New York City to attract and surface the community of technologists currently working in the agency world and provide a chance for this community to connect and participate in some great sessions with prominent agency technologists and other future-forward practioners and thought leaders. This full day event will start at 8:00AM with breakfast, lunch and reception.

We’re aiming for 75-125 people for this inaugural conference mostly from member agencies, those with senior roles in managing digital technologists of all stripes or other hands-on technology thought leaders working at a high level within agency strategy and creative. There are brilliant innovative thinkers in agencies today and we want their participation.

This is the first of a series of events to be focused on topics of interest for agency technologists and everyone in a creative agency today.

Most important: you and your involvement. The event is also meant to kick start the 4A’s Creative Technologies committee to attract participants and discover the issues most important to agencies and technologists. Come and meet your peers at CreateTech.

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