Advertiser Interest in Android Lags Market [STATISTICS]

Brands continue to focus on marketing to iPhone owners

eMarketer notes: The iPhone was a media darling from the get-go, quickly surpassing earlier smartphones like the BlackBerry in terms of marketer interest and appearing in the pockets and purses of creatives around the country. But Google’s Android operating system has since taken off, and its availability on a variety of devices by several manufacturers has helped it outpace the Apple devices this year.

Still, research shows that marketers continue to focus more on the iPhone. A Q2 2011 survey from media buying solutions provider STRATA found that nearly 87% of US ad agencies considered the iPhone of great interest to their clients as an advertising venue. That was up more than 10 percentage points from Q1. Nearly half said their clients were also interested in advertising on the iPad.

Interest in Android was smaller. Just under two-thirds of clients wanted to direct their mobile campaigns toward Android devices, although that did represent a significant increase in interest since Q1.


Mobile Devices of Most Interest as a Channel for Advertising According to US Ad Agencies, Q1 & Q2 2011 (% of respondents)


Figures from The Nielsen Company show that while marketer interest in Android is on the rise, it still lags behind the market significantly. Among smartphone owners, 39% had a device running Android as of May 2011. Just 27% had a device running iOS, including iPhones and iPads.


US Smartphone Users, by OS, May 2011 (% of total)


The STRATA poll found that clients were focusing most of their mobile efforts on display advertising, with 44% of agencies reporting they were creating more mobile display ads than any other type, up from 37% in Q1. SMS advertising and rich media placements rounded out the top three, with rich media edging out location-based ads and apps.

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