Foursquare Adds Event Check-Ins – Teams up with ESPN, and Songkick

Foursquare Adds Event Check-Ins

Teams up with ESPN, and Songkick

Foursquare announced today that its now featuring events that users can check into, in addition to just places.

“During the past two SXSW conferences, we tried something similar, letting people check in to all the events happening around Austin,” the company says. “The feedback was incredible; it was easier to share what you were up to, and it’s great to look back a year later and remember what was going on.”

“It’s one of the most common check-ins on foursquare: you head off to a movie theater, check in, and type in ‘Harry Potter’ to tell people what you’re seeing. Or check in to a stadium and shout ‘Patriots game’ or ‘Lady Gaga concert.’ Sometimes, people will even create a new venue, like ‘U2 at the Meadowlands,’ to make sure they share the concert with all their friends. In moments like this, a place is often more than just a place; so today, we’re starting to pull major events into our database.”

Foursquare Events

Foursquare Events

Foursquare has partnered with ESPN for sports events, for movies and Songkick for concerts. ESPN will provide event details and game info. will provide showtimes, summaries and links to more info, and Songkick will provide concert details.

Events appear in the Foursquare app a couple hours before they start.

Earlier this week, Foursquare also announced lists, which let users share recommendations with friends

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