DirecTV’s Nomad to Link DVR With iPad

DirecTV is nearing the launch of Nomad, a product that will allow customers to transfer programming captured on an HD DVR to mobile devices and view it outside the home.

The device will carry a projected one-time cost of about $150, with no ensuing subscription charges.

There are no prohibitions on content that can be moved to a laptop, iPad or smartphone — except it can’t come from the DirecTV Cinema VOD vault or a pay-per-view stream. The HD DVR requires a high-speed Internet connection to link with Nomad, according to DirecTV customer service.

Speaking to investors last week, DirecTV CFO Patrick Doyle did not offer a specific availability date, but indicated that Nomad is part of a trio of new offerings, joining a new HD user interface and the Home Media Center.

Nomad will allow “importing content onto a device that you can take with you,” he said.

Nomad’s promotional Web Page features star quarterback and longtime DirecTV endorser Peyton Manning’s image on portable devices. DirecTV already offers “NFL Sunday Ticket” subscribers the chance to watch NFL games on the go with portable devices.

Separately, Doyle said negotiations with content owners on rights are still proving to be a hurdle in ramping up the industry’s “TV Everywhere” offering. (While it won’t allow for live TV, Nomad would seem to be a relatively easy way for someone to do it themselves.)

“The biggest issue and it will get resolved, but I think it will take time, is just agreeing on the rights and the ability to get the content to customers,” Doyle said.


via MediaPost Publications DirecTV’s Nomad to Link DVR With iPad 09/19/2011.