9 Brands That Are Using Pinterest Contests to Increase Exposure

This article from the Social Media Examiner is a good read for social media “nerds” and Pinners alike. It analyzes 9 unique brands who are providing incentive for their followers to pin for more than just a pastime. All of these brands are encouraging Pinterest users to ‘repin’ their brand content in exchange for the chance to win free swag. Note Peugeot Panama as the only automotive industry example. Peugeot has been known as a brand that pioneers on Pinterest and uses the platform in ways that other brands have not (yet).

“Peugeot is a brand that has grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Their brand has created a very clever Pinterest challenge, Peugeot Puzzle Contest, to increase followers, boost engagement and direct traffic to both their website and Facebook fan page. It’s a puzzle where contestants find the four missing pieces of a Peugeot photo on the Peugeot website and Facebook fan pages and complete the board.”

Check out the article here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/pinterest-contest/

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