Big new change to Facebook business pages set to benefit large brands

A couple of days ago, I was writing about a massive change that Facebook made to their pages that was hurting business pages. Today, I want to compliment them on an update that nearly every brand in the world has been screaming out for. One of the biggest problems for brands all over the world engaging on Facebook is that they have lots of different pages for different markets. Do a search for any well known global brand you’ll see a page for pretty much every country where they have a presence.

While it’s essential to have local content this system and the nature of how brands work in silos in different markets means that a brand’s Facebook presence can be fragmented at best and messy at worst. So today, Facebook is introducing a new system that will allow brands to control their local pages from one central admin panel, providing a more seamless experience for the end user.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of the new system is that when it is rolled out correctly, there will be one overarching page for a brand that will default to local content based on where you are viewing it. As Facebook explains:

Each brand’s Global Pages structure will include local Pages for specific markets (single- or multi-country regions) and a default Page for all other markets. More details on this new framework:

1.One global brand identity. Users from all countries will see the same Page name (translated into their local language), fan count, and People Talking About This (PTAT).
2.One URL. Brands can promote a single URL in all off-Facebook campaigns, and users will be automatically directed to the best version of the Page for them.
3.Global insights. Admins of the main Page will see insights for all global users in one easy-to-view dashboard.

Centralized Page Management

We already see a lot of brands who run their Facebook pages through one central team, or try to be smart by using geographically targeted updates. To be honest, that is a bit of a hack though and this new tool will allow brands and agencies to be more efficient. What it might do is marginalise local content teams and agencies in local markets because brands will be able to control their pages through their global presence.

Content, apps, games, videos and anything that brands choose to share can be launched and tracked centrally. Where brands will have to be careful is that they don’t start losing their local identity and it remains to be seen how the new structure will work best. There is no doubt that this is another move by Facebook to increase its revenues as brands will be more likely to increase their advertising spend as a result.

It is an update that we have been praying would come for a long time and we’re delighted that Facebook is finally rolling this out.

via Big new change to Facebook business pages set to benefit large brands.