10 Amazing Street Artists on Instagram

SayDaily say: We’ve got design on our minds this week, so we were somewhat surprised to find that there aren’t more street artists using Instagram considering it’s the perfect medium to both claim one’s work and get more exposure. Luckily, ten of our favorites are fans of the app and use it to share the art they create in public with those of us who live too far away to see it in person. Take a look and let us know which other street artists we should be following.


JR @jr_artist
French artist, JR won the TED prize in 2011, a $100,000 award given to “exceptional individuals.” He’s known for covering building exteriors with huge blown-up photographs. He did this in Kenya where the waterproof vinyl photographs became roofs for homes. Pretty cool.


Os Gemeos @osgemeos
These identical twin brothers from Brazil are known for their diverse range of graffiti art—everything from tags to commissioned murals. The twins say they share the same dreams and they depict their visions through their work. If that doesn’t get you, then what will?


Saber @saberawr
Saber has been covering Los Angeles with graffiti since he was 13 years old and he’s been a fixture on the scene since 1997. His art can now be seen in solo shows and museum exhibitions, but judging from his Instagram, he definitely hasn’t forgotten his roots.


Pixel Pancho @pixelpancho
This Italian artist is known for his steampunk-inspired characters. He has a degree in fine art, but uses spray paint and markers to get his art out to the world.


Dabs and Myla @dabsmyla
Dabs and Myla are an Austrian couple who collaborate on their paintings and wall murals. Their work has a cartoonish feel that’s not for everyone, but the whimsy and youthfulness of it has garnered them fans from across the world. Interesting fact? They claim to NEVER have once argued over their work.


Troy Lovegates a.k.a. Other @troy_lovegates
Based in Canada, Troy Lovegates (a.k.a. Other) has been doing graffiti for over 23 years. His look is distinctly his own, using multimedia paste-ups (created in his studio), spray paint and oil sticks.


Conor Harrington @conorsaysboom
Conor Harrington is known for his ability to mesh fine art and graffiti in a way that is both bold and emotional. Though born in Cork, Ireland, the artist is now recognized across the world.


Anthony Lister @anthonylister
Born in Australia, Anthony Lister’s art deals with the darker side of popular culture. He’s been described as both brilliant and broken, but however he’s viewed he’s one of the most sought-after contemporary artists today.

David Choe
Perhaps best known for spray painting a mural at the Facebook office in 2005 in exchange for stock (and becoming a millionaire as a result), David Choe is also known for his smeared and smudged painting style which comes from being left-handed. He describes his work as “Creating hope from dark beginnings.”


A list like this wouldn’t be complete without the most popular street artist today: Banksy. His distinct stencils have earned him the title of one of the greatest graffiti artists of all time. And if that doesn’t impress, then perhaps the fact that he once illustrated a controversial Simpson’s introduction will.

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