Sugar Brand Launches Racy Craigslist Personals Campaign

PSFK notes: All natural sweeteners company In The Raw has introduced fake Craigslist personals that direct people to its ‘racy’ food photography app for sharing pixelated images of mouth-watering culinary creations. One post by the company reads:

I’m just a sweetie who wants to spend Thanksgiving with someone who really loves a good meal. I’ve got flavor like you wouldn’t believe, so let’s get it on au natural and see where the evening leads us. You say “gobble gobble” and I say “pretty please with marshmallows on top!” See me at HOT IN THE RAW ACTION DOT COM.

In The Raw Sugar Launches Racy Craigslist Personal Campaign

Visitors to the website can view and post titillating food photos using In The Raw’s ‘Au Natural’ Facebook app, which gives foodies “all-access to the hottest action on the web”. They can use a tool to pixelate or blur images, then upload them to the gallery, where others can click to reveal the full-frontal food photos. Catherine Steffen, director of marketing for In The Raw, said:

The Au Natural app was inspired by the trend of people proudly sharing photos of their food and drink creations on social media. Our Facebook app makes it easy and more fun to share sweet culinary creations with the online world because it adds an element of suspense and surprise.

In The Raw

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