Microsoft Launches Its Own Social Network

DesignTaxi notes: Microsoft has launched its own social network that allows users to create collages and posts in a Pinterest-style layout.

Called ‘Socl (pronounced as ‘social’), it was initially launched in May this year and was—until now—been open only to invited Microsoft employees and college students.

Now open to the public, anyone can sign up using a Microsoft or Facebook account.

Users can create collages using Microsoft’s search engine ‘Bing’ to search for images and ‘attach’ them to their posts.

They can share other content such as videos, links and other news, and comment on other members’ posts.

Socl also has an endless-scrolling front page, which displays posts from every user.

By searching for specific interests or topics, users can streamline their searches for more accurate results.

YouTube Preview Image

[via Socl and Mashable]

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