Ad Agency Answers 140 Character Twitter Briefs in 24 Hours

The need for speed. Can you feel it? Everyone can. And now there’s an ad agency trying to answer that need with an interesting gimmick. All you need is a brief that can fit in a tweet (140 characters, of course), and a day later you get a bundle of ideas. 

It’s great advertising (for the new agency, not necessarily for their clients). After all, remember the old production adage “Fast, cheap, and good — pick two.” As my friend pointed out upon seeing this headline, in this case, you may only get to pick one. More importantly, perhaps, is that the idea for the agency made headlines in the first place.


A networked team of creatives in New York have launched a new service which they think meets the demand for rapid turnaround advertising. Using Twitter as a medium to brief, the Worlds Fastest Agency will respond from briefing to idea within 24 hours. Outputs will include tag lines, product and service naming, communications platforms, and (of course) stunts. Their press release says:

WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightening fast 24/7 global media and social culture.

Clients can say goodbye to 100-page PowerPoint decks, meetings, weeks of fee negotiation, countless emails, more meetings, lunch, meetings, scope of work to-ing and fro-ing, meetings, more emails, Q&A sessions, tissue meetings, inaudible conference call, pitch, feedback, feedback on the feedback, re-briefing, re-pitching, another meeting, more feedback, focus groups, another meeting, more emails….


A three step process involves the deposit of a one-time fee of $999 via PayPal, the sending of a brief to @fastestagency, and then the turnaround of an idea via Twitter DM within 24 hours. Speaking to PSFK, the founder Floyd Hayes says that he will be leveraging a network of freelance advertising creatives to deliver quality work at speed.

Worlds Fastest Agency

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