Instagram Video vs. Vine — a Difference of 9sec makes all the difference

Why are VINEs limited 6 sec?

The decision to limit Vines to 6 seconds has a lot to do with hip-hop.  Sampling was a common creative execution in hip hop — until copyright collectors came along threatening the hip hop industry.  Was sampling intellectual property theft or merely creative adaptation/fair use.  In the 1990s a California appeals court decided that a 6-second flute sample in the Beastie Boys song “Pass the Mic” did not infringe on copyright.  Though this ruling didn’t say if more than 6-seconds would result in copyright infringement, it does leave a safe place for Twitter/Vine to play.


Why did FB/Instagram go for 15 sec?

So why then is Instagram’s new video product 15 sec?  It’s obvious they didn’t leverage the same lawyers as Twitter.  And it’s obvious they needed to do something to distinguish themselves from Vine (not to mention adding filters etc.).

But the real reason?  15 sec is the perfect amount of time for …. wait for it … wait for it ….. PRE ROLL!  Yes, that’s right folks, Facebook’s decision is very much tied to their business model of selling ad space to their millions of users.  In just a few short days of Instagram Video’s existence, we are already accustomed to our friends posting these videos.  FB is priming us for “click the video” behavior, regardless of source.  And in the near future their video ads will roll out, and we’ll be more inclined to click since the behavior will be more natural to us.


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